Our Infrastructure

For a company to stay ahead in terms of quality and competitiveness, it has to rely on the strength of its own infrastructure and resources. We, at Dawar Group, realized it very early. Today, we not only have a most modern manufacturing complex but also an array of sophisticated machines to produce a diverse range of world class footwear.

Besides a number of Italian Lasting Machines and German Closing Machines, there are other machines at various stages of production. The assembly line manufacturing enhances production and ensures quality.

On-line Quality Control Checks by seasoned professionals enable us to monitor consistency in production of a particular order.

From shoe uppers to complete shoes, everything is produced in-house thereby reducing production lead time and enhancing cost effectiveness.

Over the years, the group has kept a sturdy pace with technological advances in footwear production. It has continuously upgraded its infrastructure to produce a wide range of quality footwear.