Our Quality

Companies go to great lengths to talk about the quality of their products and the stringent measures they take to ensure it. Well, not many manage to deliver it. At Dawar, we look at quality from a different perspective. Concern for quality is ingrained in our system. It is an integral part of our thought process. And that is how it has become a tangible aspect of our products. You can see and feel it. Quality is not talking about it;-it is doing it. It should be inherent in your belief system and work culture.

Over the years, we at Dawar, have evolved our own quality policy tuned to the capabilities of our people. They produce quality because we provide them quality environment and facilities. We lead the crusade for quality from the front At Dawar, quality is people driven. Workers produce it, professionals inspect it and together they deliver it.

From time to time our people undergo orientation programs conducted with the assistance of technocrats to understand qualitative aspects of the products we make.

To top it all, the management of Dawar Group monitors the production process to ensure that each pair of footwear bears Dawar's seal of ‘Quality Always’.

AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY
Conforms To The Quality Management System Standards