Our Strength

Dawar Group is indebted to its people for their unflinching support and dedication. They have stood by us in our good, bad and ugly times. They have crafted some of the finest shoes for most of the top names in international footwear and fashion industry. They have made us a force to reckon with in the fiercely competitive global footwear industry.

We, at our end, have not failed them either. To begin with, we have provided them with a world class working environment envied by many in the industry. It’s a hazard free, airy, well lit and well built working facility we are talking about with clean toilets and adequate drinking water.

It's a facility that encourages performance by its ambience. Hot Indian summer is hardly a distraction.

Their health is a matter of concern to us. Medical check-ups by qualified doctors are organised at regular intervals to monitor their health and welfare.

Then, there is a cafeteria for people where they get subsidised food items. There is a volleyball court in the front amidst sprawling greens. It has witnessed many a competitive in-house tourneys. It is important for our people to know the joy of winning and the agony of losing to each other.

But together they make a formidable team of 800 strong and highly skilled people we are proud of.