We Care For

Dawar family is a large and growing family. It extends beyond the people who work for Dawar Group. Their families are also an integral part of it. The group shares the hopes and aspirations of its people and their children. It goes out of its way to reward their hard work and dedication. Saksham Dawar Memorial Trust is a small but significant step in that direction. It's a child education program for the children of the workers. In addition to this, it also provides monetary assistance to a large number of its worker's children studying in other schools.

The Group also works in association with a number of NGO's to fulfill its other social welfare commitments.

It also organises regular health check-ups for the families of its workers. But these efforts are not enough. There is a lot more that needs to be done. No body understands it more than the chairman of the group, Mr. Puran Dawar. For him, the growth of Dawar Group is inextricably related to the social upliftment of the people who work for it. His regular interaction with his people keeps reminding him of his mission.

Social Accountability 8000:2008
Conforms To The Social Accountability Standards

OHSAS 18001:2007
Conforms To The Occupational Health &
Safety Management System Standards