Changing The World, One Shoe At A Time!

Sustainability in the Supply Chain
  • Environmental perseverance
  • Energy conservation
  • Pollution regulations
  • Carbon/water footprint reduction
  • Social Diversity
  • Excellent working conditions
  • Controlled Energy demands and reduction

Look for ways to benefit society. Since 1977, Dawar Group has been providing world class footwear to hundreds of customers from all over the world. The concern over environmental issues is now a bigger driving force in the market than ever before, and gradually influences the consumer’s choice of product. Broader awareness of environmental issues is greater than ever, thanks to the activity of environmental pressure groups and as a result of increasingly easy access to the internet. We take the issue on a serious note and consider sustainability as one of the key subject to address in business. A product can be studied to be ‘sustainable’ if the materials and processes used in the manufacture do not adversely affect the potential for the same product to be manufactured in the future. The world has seen the rise of ‘green consumers’, whose buying behaviour is subjective by such factors as their sensitivity of the environmental qualifications of the brands marketing a specific product, its stated level of recyclability, or the absence of certain chemicals and substances (for example, Chrome) used in its manufacture. With this in mind, we pursue ways to develop sound environmental credentials for our clients. Efforts are made to ensure that footwear joins the growing list of consumer goods manufactured from materials that are sustainably produced, responsibly sourced and have minimal impact on the environment. We take responsibility for the product’s environmental impact.