Efficient Shoe And Boot Making

Environmental Management System
  • Usage of leather source from certified tanneries
  • Using elastic made out of recycled polyester
  • Single-site to large multi-national companies
  • Internal Audits of Leathers & Chemcial’s
  • Internal Staff training on latest quality standards
  • Declarations & testing of material suppliers  

We sincerely believe that ethical sourcing and manufacturing improves the world and the bottom line. So, you know whenever you source Dawar Group produced shoes, the feeling is genuine.

working to reduce its environmental impact to zero, chiefly through the Environmental Conservation Study Group. This includes developing products that make effective use of resources and can be recycled; stepping up resource recycling at the production and logistics stages; and making effective use of water resources.

A long journey of evolution, insight and innovation has decisively established us as industry leaders in the global marketplace of shoe manufacturing.